As the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) of Luxembourg, BEE SECURE coordinates the awareness centre, helpline and hotline. The BEE SECURE brand name is a joint initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Family and Integration. The helpline and hotline are operated by KannerJugendTelefon, Luxembourg’s general child helpline. 

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Based on the most significant threats and trends, the BEE SECURE awareness centre strives to develop thematic campaigns for each school year with a wide impact and a long-lasting effect. BEE SECURE campaigns have three objectives: To educate people in a positive way, to create a culture of security and to establish a broader view of information security. The awareness centre organises school training courses, public events and provides eSafety resources on its website.


The BEE SECURE helpline can be reached by phone number and is intended especially for youngsters and their parents. It offers help and advice regarding the use of information and communication technologies as well as the necessary ‘soft skills’ to ensure good behavioural practices. The helpline is operated by Luxembourg’s general child helpline KannerJugendTelefon, which has been running for 20 years. In 2012, the helpline received 56 direct requests for help.


In October 2012, the former LISA Stopline was renamed the BEE SECURE Stopline to more effectively integrate it into the activities of Luxembourg’s BEE SECURE Safer Internet Centre. Via the website,, citizens can anonymously report suspicious content. This service is also operated by the KannerJugendTelefon. 625 reports were received in 2012. 40 reports were handled directly by Luxembourg’s police, while 235 reports were forwarded to partner hotlines.


The BEE SECURE Youth Panel is organised into two different youth groups who meet regularly to discuss new media and feed back their views on information safety related issues and on emerging trends. Two videos and songs concerning new media topics were produced during the meetings.

Key successes of 2012

In September 2012, the campaign ‘NOT FUNNY – BEE FAIR’ was launched at the youth festival ‘On Stéitsch’, which attracted 1,400 visitors. The topic of this campaign is cyber mobbing and it promotes fair and responsible online behaviour towards each other, and informs about possible help measures. The main campaign resources include a poster, a flyer, and two gadgets: a friendship bracelet and an anti-stress ball.
Luxembourg campaign - Not Funny Bee Fair
Gadgets from Luxembourg
For Safer Internet Day (SID) 2012, BEE SECURE organised three conferences at the ‘Maison de l’Europe’ and another central public venue. The conferences were shared online via live streaming and recordings are available on the BEE SECURE website.
Throughout the year, BEE SECURE has been present at several public events, targeting the general population. In March, the BEE SECURE team was present at the ‘Postlaaf’ and the ‘Relais pour la vie’; two charity events that attracted more than 8,500 participants. BEE SECURE also set up an interactive information booth at the Autumn Fair 2012, an annual fair that attracted around 43,000 visitors, and at the Students’ Fair that attracted around 9,000 mainly young visitors.
In 2012, BEE SECURE also organised more than 500 school training sessions, 40 evenings for parents and 12 teacher/educator training sessions. The training was available in a broad range of languages; Luxembourgish, German, French, English and Spanish.
In October 2012, the BEE SECURE website was re-launched to simplify access to the numerous services and resources. The website announces activities and reports news and event highlights. It serves as an information-sharing and awareness-raising platform with specific advice and tools for children, youth, parents, carers and the general public. Finally, the website offers a special contact form for help and training requests.
To better tackle illegal content hosted in Luxembourg, the Service National de la Jeunesse and the KannerJugendTelefon signed a special agreement with Luxembourg’s Police Grand-Ducale and continued to maintain a good relationship with national internet service providers (ISPs). Being part of the INHOPE network, reports concerning web content hosted on foreign servers are forwarded to the corresponding INHOPE partner.




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