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[Sweden] Awareness raising for all children

In 2015, the Swedish Media Council will renew its efforts to broaden its reach and address targets groups not previously included in mainstream awareness-raising activities. Children and young people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities may have special needs when dealing with the internet, and the Council will work actively to help increase the knowledge in regards to the everyday media reality of this important group. Read more

Insafe newsletter: December 2014/January 2015 edition is now available!

In this edition of the newsletter, several of our Safer Internet Centres look back at their successes over the last year and share their plans for the future as we speed towards Safer Internet Day (SID) 2015 Read more

Thematic Network POSCON launches final report and further publications on positive online content for kids

POSCON (Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe), the EC-funded thematic network, has published its final report, giving detailed information about the outcomes and results of the two-year project. The aim of the project was to provide criteria and a checklist for positive online content and services for children, a comprehensive overview of the landscape of positive content for children in Europe, as well as methods for financing and promoting positive online content.Read more

LogOut: Offering help for excessive use of online media

Online games and other forms of excessive use of online media are mostly not recognised as a problem which can lead to many serious health, social and behavioral issues. LogOut is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and families by providing the treatment, help, information and education they need for a healthy and balanced life in a world of media and technology.Read more


Under the framework of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme, Insafe and INHOPE work together to deliver a safer and better internet. The two networks promote safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to children, young people and families.... Read more




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