Insafe Back2School Countdown

Traditionally the Insafe Back2School campaign has always been released on 8 September to mark the United Nations International Literacy Day. However, since this year 8 September fell on a Saturday, Insafe planned something a little bit different.

A countdown to the 2012 campaign began on 3 September, and a new gift was released each day that week. The gifts included two games, a poster, lesson plans, and a guide to YouTube's educational resources. All these gifts are available for download below.

Back2School First Gift: Online Rights Poster

Insafe has prepared a poster on online rights. Reflecting the theme for Safer Internet Day, it lists six key rights for students to bear in mind when surfing the internet.

The poster is available for download in three different sizes, including A3 as a classroom poster and A5 for use in books 

Back2School Second Gift: Feelings Barometer

The Feelings Barometer is a simple game that can be used in the classroom with all age groups. Originally developed to explain the consequences of cyberbullying, this version of the game has been adapted to make it easily applicable to several different topics, such as sexting or addiction. It is designed as a behavioural situation game, where the players are encouraged to imagine how they would feel if certain things happened to them. By then discussing their answer and the correct course of action with their teachers, the aim is for the players to learn the skills needed to use the internet safely.

Download the Feelings Barometer game (EN / LT / PT)
*This game was originally developed by BEE SECURE, the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education as part of a mandatory training course for all students in the seventh grade of school.


Back2School Third Gift: Lesson Plans

This year's lesson plans are based on the theme for Safer Internet Day 2013, 'online rights and responsibilities'. There are three different lesson plans which are described in more detail below.

Primary Lesson Plan
This lesson was originally part of a series of teacher’s notes which accompany a game produced by the Council of Europe called Through the Wild Web Woods. It has been adapted for the Insafe Back2School Campaign 2012. It encourages children to think about their rights and how these should be applied to the internet.
Download the Primary Lesson Plan (EN / LT / PT)
Secondary Lesson Plans
The secondary lesson plan is in two parts and it is suggested that these be conducted over two separate lessons. The first, like the primary plan, encourages the students to think about their rights and which of these are most relevant to new media. The second then looks at how the students can safeguard and promote these online rights.
Download the first Secondary Lesson Plan (EN / LT / PT)
Download the second Secondary Lesson Plan (EN / LT / PT)
Download the Charter of Online Rights (PT - the EN and LT versions are integrated within the lesson plan)
These lessons were adapted from the Think B4U Click resource developed by the Irish National Centre for Technology in Education.

Back2School Fourth Gift: Data protection and privacy game

The PlayDecide discussion games were designed to facilitate discussion on sensitive social topics. They offer players all the information needed to engage in an interesting and interactive debate: anyone can participate and no prior knowledge of the subject is needed. As the game is easy to set up, and doesn’t require anything other than some coloured paper, a table and eight chairs, it can easily be played in any classroom or social community.

The subject of this game is data protection and privacy. It is the fourth in a series of PlayDecide games developed by Pan-EU Youth, a platform targeting young people between the age of 14 and 18 that encourages discussion on diverse topics regarding safe and responsible use of the internet and modern technology. The other three games examine the topics of:
  1. Young people in the media
  2. Digital lives
  3. e-Skills’
The template of the PlayDecide discussion games was developed in the framework of the FUND project of the European Commission. For more information on the PlayDecide discussion games visit
To download the Pan-EU Youth discussion games visit


Back2School Fifth Gift: YouTube

 Launched in America in 2005, YouTube has quickly developed into a global platform that allows billions of people to discover, watch and share videos online, while also providing a forum for people to connect globally with each other. With 72 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute and 4 billion views a day, there is something for everyone to explore, from youngsters using YouTube to watch music videos, to teachers using it as an educational tool. Therefore, in order to ensure that all users’ have a safe and enjoyable experience when using the site, YouTube has recently launched some new tools.

This resource provides a quick overview of both these new tools and pre-existing ones, in order to help teachers use YouTube safely in the classroom. Download the YouTube gift.

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